Cristian Cardellino

class Coder extends Human with Geek

About Me

It’s been quite a while since my days learning programming languages by myself with the sole intention to develop a videogame, of course I didn’t event know what did the word “develop” mean back in those days.

The years went on, I was just a teenager in that time and I really thought at some point it would be easy to program my first game, a natural thing. I was wrong. It’s still hard nowadays, and there are lots of frameworks to facilitate the process of creating videogames. Back then was plainly impossible without a big team. Not at least the kind of games I wanted to create.

Years later I started the university thinking I was going to become a programmer. Besides videogames I show interest in hacking and security, but I’m a long way to be an expert in that. I like logic, computability theory, and enjoy coding for hobby. For the last 4 years I’ve been a Python developer although I also programmed in C or C++ from time to time. Now, however, I’ve been trying new stuffs with Scala and JavaScript, just for a change, and I’ve been abandoning other tools since then. I’m also a regular user of scripting languages like BASH, AWK or Perl. I get bored fairly easy, so I try to learn new things and experiment different technologies every time I can.

I have a degree in Computer Sciences which I obtained in 2013. And in the present time I’m a kind of hybrid between a Computer Scientist and a Linguist. I’m a Computer Sciences PhD. Student at FaMAF in Córdoba, Argentina. I’m currently a researcher in the areas of Statistical Natural Language Processing, particularly Machine Learning for NLP, and Semantic Web technologies.